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USA Today: Give children ‘good start’

It is unconscionable that in a country as prosperous as the United States is, the number of uninsured children has increased by nearly 1 million over the past two years.

Wall Street Journal: Compromise Bill Sets Up A Less Expensive Schip

Assertions that the bill expands coverage to higher-income children are baseless. In fact, the bill puts tremendous pressure on states to not cover higher incomes. Just like now, the only way a state may cover higher income families is with administration approval, which the Bush administration has given repeatedly.

Politico: Dems barely beat Bush’s dismal ratings

Twenty-five percent of adults said health care is a top issue, with the economy (13 percent) and immigration (12 percent) picking up the rear.

Washington Post: Tiptoeing on the Third Rail

When it comes to the presidential race, the problem of runaway entitlement spending is something like the weather: All the candidates complain about it, but few want to get specific about what they would do to change it.