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Washington Times: AARP magazine targets ‘new 50’

“We are experiencing a lot of change in our society,” says Emilio Pardo, the AARP’s chief brand officer who is leading efforts to attract a younger and highly engaged clientele, which he calls “the new 50.” “In many ways, you have not only boomers redefining retirement but also redefining life stages.”

Washington Post: A Social Security Fix For 2008

Social Security benefits are modest by any measure and are already being cut — by raising the age of eligibility for full benefits and by deducting ever-rising Medicare premiums from benefit checks. So the benefits provided for under present law will replace, on average, a lower percentage of prior earnings than in the past. To cut them further would undermine all that Social Security has achieved — exposing millions of vulnerable people, both elderly and disabled, to needless economic hardship.

Wall Street Journal: Pay to Be Taxed By Social Security Breaks $100,000

If you’re working on your budget for next year, here’s something to keep in mind: Nearly 12 million people will have to pay higher Social Security tax.

Associated Press: Edwards: 2-year ban on new drug ads

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards said Sunday that prescription drug companies should wait two years to begin advertising their new products to consumers.