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In the morning news

Posted on 01/2/2008 by | Archived Contributor | Comments

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Washington Post: A Look Back at the Year’s Winners and Losers

The year witnessed a new and fairly effective alliance between two of Washington’s most potent pressure groups: AARP, the senior citizens lobby, and the American Medical Association, the physicians’ leading representative in the capital.
Together they eked out a victory that was barely noticed by the general public at the end of the year but was pivotal to doctors. Through a large, concerted campaign, the two groups persuaded lawmakers to delay for six months a scheduled 10 percent cut in physician reimbursements under Medicare.

Chicago Tribune: TOP 5 Quotes from the week’s newsmakers

4. ‘This policy is a civil rights and economic fiasco.’ — David Certner, AARP’s legislative policy director, on a federal rule that means employers may be less likely to drop or cut health-care coverage for younger retirees, while at the same time allowing them to reduce or eliminate benefits for retirees who turn 65 and qualify for Medicare

Capital Times: Bill Novelli: Bush bullied, Congress caved and Americans lost on Medicare

Dear Editor: Our elected officials in Washington ended the health care debate this year not with a bang, but a whimper.

Chicago Tribune: A new year provides fresh start on planning

Overall, fees will continue to receive scrutiny because of the disclosure regulations and a debate in Congress over new legislation, said Nancy LeaMond, group executive officer for AARP.
“More of our members are concerned about economic security today, and I expect that will be an important issue in the ’08 elections,” she said.

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