“De-Aging” Your Resume?

“Whoever thought 20 plus years of experience would be a liability?” questions experienced film reporter Lisa Johnson Mandell in this morning’s TODAY show segment on “De-Aging Your Resume.”
So what exactly is it that folks should do to downplay years of valuable experience? According to TODAY show contributor Jean Chatzky, “For women, shorten your skirts a little bit. Cover your grays.”
Pardon me, but I just choked on my Kashi. Jean! Usually your money and career advice is so spot on! But to suggest that the length of a woman’s skirt and the color of her hair are valid employment criteria is a little off base. Jamie Lee Curtis showed AARP just a few months ago that going gray isn’t the end of the world, and we know of many companies that LOVE the idea of 20 or 30 years of experience! No doctored up resumes needed over at RetirementJobs.com either!
I don’t believe that a person’s experience should be a liability, do you?
For some real career resources, check out these tips – including employment websites for 50+ workers – on AARP’s website .