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This isn’t too surprising, but is definitely motivation to start running! According to a new study by the Stanford University Medical Center, older joggers were half as likely to die an early death than non-runners.

They also experienced a generally healthier life, and didn’t even suffer osteoarthritis or need total knee replacements more so than non-runners. In other words, “running slows the ageing clock.” Reseacher Professor James Fries says:
“What we found was that if you’re a regular, vigorous, long-distance runner or practice other forms of vigorous physical activity for your life, then you’ll have a prolongation of the good period of life, that is, the time where you don’t have any physical disability,” he said.
The research also found that older runners were half as likely to die an early death from conditions like cancer.

It sounds like this doesn’t just apply to running either. For those who aren’t big runners, there are plenty of other alternatives to stay healthy and fit. Check out AARP’s Health and Fitness Ambassador, Martina Navratilova, who can give you tips on how to start an exercise schedule.

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