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AARP’s Health and Fitness Ambassador and tennis legend Martina Navratilova made a shocking announcement this morning on Good Morning America: she has breast cancer.
Navratilova, 53, has lead a healthy life, and was even named one of Sports Illustrated’s “Top 40 Athletes of All Time” with 59 grand slam titles – including a record nine Wimbledon singles championships. She says that the diagnosis of breast cancer “knocked the wind out of her” – but she’s using the shocking news to help other women get the facts about the importance of preventative health screenings.
After a successful lumpectomy, Navratilova is now cancer-free and will be undergoing a six-week radiation treatment beginning in May.
Martina will be discussing her emotional and physical battle with breast cancer in a LIVE chat tomorrow, Thursday, April 8th at 1 p.m. here on She will be joined by moderator Dr. Julie Silver, a physician and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, and a breast cancer survivor herself.
Access the LIVE chat at, and check out Martina’s monthly health and fitness articles at

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