99 Ways to Save!

Everyone is trying to save money anywhere they can these days, while still doing all the things they love, like traveling and indulging in your favorite foods and restaurants. (I personally can’t wait for the coupon section each Sunday!) AARP Bulletin has a great list of 99 Great Ways to Save – with tips that you might not have thought of on your own! Check them out…and here is a sampling of a few good ones:
Saving on Fuel:
For every 100 extra pounds it carries, your car can lose 1 to 2 percent of fuel efficiency. Remove unneeded items from your trunk.
Saving on Travel:
Older train riders get discounts in the U.S. and Canada. Amtrak cuts 15 percent off most fares for riders 62 or over, while Via Rail Canada offers 10 percent off the full adult fare for travel.
Saving at the store:
To save on groceries, check out mygrocerydeals.com, where you can compare prices in supermarkets in your area by product, category or store. Another site is groceryguide.com. You must register to use the sites, but both are free.
There are also tips from real people, like this great one from Dawn Carrington from South Carolina:
Round up in your checkbook. When I write a check for $13.63, I write it as $14.00 in my checkbook. I do the same thing with debits. At the end of the month, I calculate my savings and transfer that to an online savings account. The change really adds up, and since I don’t see the money, I don’t spend it.
Do you have any great money saving tips to share?