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Love Children, Don't Cage Them

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VolunteeringKids, even very young ones, pick up on cues from adults. If you act bored and impatient around your children, they will sense that they don’t matter. Love rules!

Midday Roundup: Slow Summer Stormin’

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Your LifeSlow motion: lightning. Your news going around today: Congress rethinking ban on Internet gambling; US Rep. Charles Rangel seems to have reached a deal in his ethics case and won’t have to stand trial; and a federal judge has blocked the most controversial parts of Arizona’s new immigration law. Picking a nursing home: daunting. How do you make the choice? The New York Times on one possible determining factor: “[The nursing home director] said he would ask three aides then …

New Study: Nearly Half of Boomers Not Ready for Retirement

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Money & SavingsThink you might be ready for retirement? Think again. A new report has found that nearly half of boomers ages 56 to 62 are still at a risk of not having income to say goodbye to work and settle down in retirement, with not enough money to pay for even basic expenses. So what to do? This AARP piece gives you some suggestions on how to build your nest egg. The first tip: Reduce spending. Most of us spend too …

Be Your Own Patient: Organize Your Medical Life

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Personal HealthWhether you’re the healthiest of the healthy or sick as a dog, we all have a history and present health records to take care of. And often, when switching health care providers, new patients don’t know what drugs they’re taking, have taken or what minor conditions they may have. The latest from AARP Magazine talks about the importance of keeping a personal account of your health not only for your doctor, but your own well-being: Dr. Katalin Roth, director of …

Tech You Can Use: Tech Week @AARP

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TechnologySo many gadgets. Within five feet of my fingers, there are six (SIX!) things that run on electricity, including multiple phones and multiple computers. Even if you aren’t a cubicle queen like me, you’ve probably got a few within your reach. We’ve got a great roundup of technology articles in the next issue of AARP the Magazine. It’s not just the gadgets: we also keep needing to learn new habits and services, like Twitter, or Facebook. There are a few …

“The Recipe for Longevity…”

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Home & FamilyI came across this article in Time this morning and found it so interesting – check it out! Ever wonder the ingredients to living longer? Sure there is the typical advice: eat healthy, exercise, don’t smoke… but have you ever considered that having lots of friends might actually be beneficial to your health and longevity? According to this article and researchers at Brigham Young University and the University of North Carolina, who pooled data from 148 studies on the topic, …