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Tuesday Tech: Make Your Email Do Things

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Technology(nerdy, we know, but … blame Flickr user opacity) You may or may not have seen this, but Gmail – Google’s email provider – released a pretty sweet new feature this week. You can now call people from your email. For free. (Within the United States, but still.) I could go on a whole monologue about why you should use Gmail for your personal email – less spammy, lots more control over chain mail and newsletters, lets my mom chat …

Diving into Voluntourism

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VolunteeringThis summer my boyfriend and I vacationed in the Florida Keys and spent an afternoon snorkeling at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo. Although I’ve only previous snorkeled in Mexico a few times, this was by far the best of my snorkeling adventures. The amount of fish that swam around me was impressive and I can’t forget the feeling of dread that rushed through my body when we saw a Nurse Shark napping on the ocean …

A Face Lift for the Oval Office

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Your LifePhoto Credit: Doug Mills/The New York Times The Oval Office has gotten an extreme makeover America! While the President was vacationing with his family his office got a bit of a facelift, no longer are there brash yellows, golds, blues nor the decorative plates – instead the office has a more modern, clean feel with accented with neutrals and browns. What is Different? According to the New York Times, here is the rundown: • Gone is the sunburst rug that …

Digital Dictionary?

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TechnologyI saw this in the news yesterday and am seeing it pop up again today: The Oxford English Dictionary may never be printed again! AFP (and other sources) report that the new (and third) edition of the “bible of the English language” may never appear in print – and be only accessible to uses online. No *final* decision has been made, and the new edition will not be expected for another decade or so. By then, who knows how we …

UPDATE: Craig Newmark to Be Orlando@50+ Blog Contest Judge

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EntertainmentCraig Newmark to help judge AARP’s Blog Your Way to Orlando@50+ contest!

Morning AARP: Trick Shot?

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Your LifeIn honor of the US Open…. You watch and tell us what you think. Real or fake? Some tennis pros have their doubts. I kinda think it’s real, myself. Or maybe I just want to think it’s real. Morning headlines: Those people who run boot camp are getting smart about fitness routines to compensate for America’s over-sugared, under-calcified youngsters. Preceding the Palestinian-Israeli summit in Washington this Thursday, NYT is reporting a more stable, dare-we-say functioning West Bank; and those widespread …