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The Dilemma of the Younger Boss

Let’s face it; as much as we may try to say otherwise, having a boss that’s significantly younger than you can often be a pain. Lots of times it works out fantastically, but being an elder to your manager can often lead to tension and frustration. Author and workplace consultant Diane L. Katz talked to AARP about how to manage your younger manager, giving folks some very useful tips like:
Define expectations. Katz says you should ask upfront about the job duties, the performance of the people who previously held the job and how the manager communicates with employees. That’ll give a better sense of whether your work habits and approach are going to match those of your younger boss. For example, if your boss keeps in touch by instant messaging and texting, while you prefer phone and in-person contact, you’ll likely have to adjust your communication style to be successful.
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With 76 million baby boomers in the nation, the younger boss scenario is becoming more and more prevalent. AARP’s Deborah Russell, director of workforce issues, even appeared on the Today Show a few weeks ago to talk about the issue. She said that younger bosses can have negative perceptions about older workers, and there are positive effective ways to make sure you don’t let those perceptions get out of control if you take steps from the start. Check out her full interview below:

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