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Drop the first stone

Posted By John Briley On September 2, 2010 @ 1:11 pm In Create the Good | No Comments

Image by MB Hopkins [1]
How do we break cycles of hate, abuse, disrespect and mistrust? It’s not a flippant question: Numerous studies show that people who are abused [2], dismissed, bullied [3] and generally looked down upon are more like to adopt those behaviors later in life.
Watch this riveting presentation [4] by economist and sociologist Jeremy Rifkin [5] on why we need more empathy. Now consider your opinions and relationships and see if you can’t find room to be a bit more forgiving of those with whom you disagree.
I’ll start: I disagree with Glenn Beck. I think he fosters divisiveness. I am pretty sure he mangles facts to rile up his fans. But if I rant about how much I “hate” him or how “wrong” he is, what happens? People who agree with me say, “Yeah!” and people who disagree say “F#&! off!” and we are right where we started.
So I’ll give Glenn Beck a break. I don’t know how he grew up or how he was treated as a kid. I don’t know what shaped his worldview. He is a fellow human and, for all of our disagreements, I bet we would agree on at least one or two things. He has a TV show and a whole lot of people like him. Good for him and good for them.
It’s up to each of us to be nice [6], no strings attached. If we all wait for the other guy to put down the first stone, nothing will change for a very long time.

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