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Helpful New Tool to Manage Prescription Drugs!

Ever wish you could easily find all the information you could need about your prescription drugs in your own home? Ever wonder how you should go about talking to your health care professional about the medications you are taking? How about wonder if you are getting the best medicine for your needs at the best price?
Well, AARP and Consumer Reports Health have launched a new online tool so that you can wish and wonder less about your prescription drugs. The tool – which you can access at drugsavings.aarp.org – was designed to compare prescription drug safety, effectiveness, convenience and price, in addition to giving users tips on how to talk to their doctor or pharmacist about those medications.
When you visit the AARP Drug Savings Tool, you’ll be able to choose or search for your prescription drug in a database of over 500 drugs in 26 classes. The tool then provides you with the “Best Buy” recommendations–drugs that are recommended by Consumer Reports Health Best Buy Drugsâ„¢ project based on their safety effectiveness, cost and convenience.
Go ahead and check it out. Prescription medications are becoming more and more important for Americans, and this tool will help you make the best-informed decisions for your health.