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5 Seasonal Jobs for Retirees

Let’s face the facts — some retired folks sometimes want (or need) to make a few extra bucks, while keep their non–employment lifestyle. So AARP put together a list of 5 really great seasonal jobs you can take to put a little cash in your pocket. One of these is a limo driver, and we hear it from real experience: 67-year old Jim Brush decided to take up the side job as him and his wife still have a mortgage to pay:
Brush, who lives in Pittsburgh, retired five years ago from his position as a Pennsylvania state dog warden, where he had worked for 25 years. In his pre-retirement days, Brush spent plenty of time in the car cruising county roads to inspect kennels and patrolling for stray pets. Knowing his way around comes in handy today. Brush also chauffeurs passengers for non seasonal events, such as airport runs.
Besides driving, Brush fills his year with other seasonal employment. Snow removal is in hot demand in Pittsburgh’s blustery winters, and he does landscaping during the spring and fall months. He even tends bar from time to time. “I want to keep busy earning money while I still have the energy and the desire,” he says.
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