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AARP Cheat Sheet: Tuesday, December 7

(Pearl Harbor based Sailors GSMFN Jeffrey Vallario (left) of the USS Paul Hamilton (DDG 60) and YNSN (SS) Gabriel Gonzales of USS Greeneville (SSN 772) prepare to raise the flag to half-mast over the USS Utah Memorial on Ford Island in honor of Memorial Day May 31, 2004. Via.)
At about 10 o’clock, Conner noticed the Stars and Stripes wasn’t flying above the California because the assault began just as Marines usually raised the colors at 8 a.m. He saw the Marines had dropped the flag on the deck as they rushed to return fire. So Conner and a seaman raised the flag, giving troops a morale boost as they struggled to fight back and save the wounded while battleships burned and sank.” – NPR interviews a sailor who survived Pearl Harbor, 69 years later.
More Medicare fraud news: “Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says a nursing home company will pay $376,000 to the state and federal governments over accusations that it submitted ineligible bills to Medicaid.”
“Candy-apple red”… how Jeff Gordon’s new #24 paint job gets described.
In which you get compared to a Buick: “Like Buick, we have a choice. We can head off to the junkyard or instead, take a deep breath, stretch, move and reinvent ourselves from the inside out!” Well then. One tempting option: become a chocolatier…
“The government warns Americans to closely guard their Social Security numbers. But it has done a poor job of protecting those same numbers for millions of people: the nation’s soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. At bases and outposts at home and around the world, military personnel continue to use their Social Security numbers as personal identifiers in dozens of everyday settings, from filling out health forms to checking out basketballs at the gym. Thousands of soldiers in Iraq even stencil the last four digits onto their laundry bags.