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AARP Cheat Sheet: Tuesday, December 21

My view of the Lunar Eclipse December 2010
(“My view of the Lunar Eclipse, December 2010”. Via.)
No more Social Security paper checks: “Officials have settled on the dates when millions of people will no longer be able to get their Social Security and other benefit checks by mail. New recipients of benefits will have to accept paperless payments starting on May 1 of next year, three months later than first proposed.”
Perched on the front stoop of old age, Baby Boomers are more downbeat than other age groups about the trajectory of their own lives and about the direction of the nation as a whole. Some of this pessimism is related to life cycle — for most people, middle age is the most demanding and stressful time of life.”
“My last pass was just as much fun as my first one.” – Brett Favre, last night.
2010 Census results start to be released; Ohio loses seats, Texas gains them.
“One big factor in the shift of clinical trials to foreign countries is a loophole in F.D.A. regulations: if studies in the United States suggest that a drug has no benefit, trials from abroad can often be used in their stead to secure F.D.A. approval. There’s even a term for countries that have shown themselves to be especially amenable when drug companies need positive data fast: they’re called ‘rescue countries.’ “ Vanity Fair on drug-testing getting outsourced. Scary stuff.