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Post from Patti Shea:
In case you’ve been in a self-induced media blackout, you’ve heard that the first wave of the Baby Boom Generation turns 65 this year, one every eight seconds this year, roughly 8,000 a day. My Uncle Norm, who turned 65 yesterday, realizing the milestone, signed off his Facebook birthday wall post lovefest best: “Peace. Love. Medicare.” Indeed.

Ah, Medicare [2]. Boomers are expected to swell the Medicare rolls at the same time it’s being used as a political hot potato. What they will find is that it’s not their parents’ Medicare. New rules [3], new coverage, etc., will “welcome” them with open arms.

But what do boomers think of themselves and their generation? According to our poll [4], the soon-to-be 65+ are optimistic about their technological savvy and hipness, but still don’t trust The Man.

Leave it to boomers to reinvent themselves [5]and find new ways to get their groove back [6]through volunteering and finally living their childhood dreams [7]. Bridging the generation gap — Baby Boomer to Gen X — isn’t going to be easy [8]. The future of education, Social Security, health care depends on what we do today. And there are, of course, conflicting approaches [9].

Over the next month we’ll showcase what it means to be a boomer and how 65 today isn’t the same 65 of your parents, both good and bad: webcams v. Kodak, big PhARMA v. the corner drugstore, Starbucks v. 5 cent cuppa joe. You get the picture, er, I mean Tweet. Check out our Boomer home page [10].

Our question to you is: Do you think boomers have changed the world for the better [11]?

Let us know what you think!

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