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PROFILE: Robert Egger of DC Central Kitchen

Looking back, it seems like a simple fix. Robert Egger saw lots of hungry people on the streets of Washington, DC. Rather than just handing out food, he wanted to address *why* they were on the streets. He was working in the restaurant business at the time and decided to tap his contacts to address dual needs.

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Egger blogs, “…while the thought of all that food being tossed irked me. . .I was equally intrigued by the thought that, while food service businesses tossed tons of food, they also had tons of jobs. . .and many of the people I served that night looked like they had the potential to do more than wait in line, night after night for free food.”

Read his blog and learn how that simple idea became DC Central Kitchen, an organization that has distributed over 17 million meals, helped more than 620 men and women find full time employment and saved a city millions of dollars.

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