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“Your Life Calling” On the Road: Boston, MA

This is a guest post from Your Life Calling producer Kim Sedmak. 

AARP’s “Your Life Calling TODAY” Production team was back on the road a few weeks ago in Boston, MA with Jane Pauley in tow. This time, we’re at a Boys and Girls Day Care Center in Dorchester where Jane interviewed Mary Reed for a segment airing in July on the TODAY show. Mary has become one of Boston’s most amazing educators, civic leaders and advocates for young children. So much so, the late Senator Ted Kennedy offered her a seat on the Board of the Kennedy Library! Turns out Jane actually first met Mary Reed in January, earlier this year, when Jane interviewed Tom Brokaw at the Library for a special program celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Presidential Inauguration. Mary sat at Jane’s table for dinner later that evening – neither of them knowing, at the time of course, Mary would be an upcoming story on the AARP’s TODAY SHOW series. Yes – it is a small world!

Jane toured Tartt’s Daycare Center with Mary as well. The facility was founded by Mary’s mother in the late 1940s and is one of the first multi-racial nursery schools in the city of Boston. How’s that for progressive thinking! So you might imagine Mary Reed, being the daughter of a woman such as this, is pretty special herself. At 72 years-old she isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Catch AARP’s newest reinvention story on the TODAY SHOW Tuesday, July 19th.

Photo: Jane Pauley with Your Life Calling subject Mary Reed. Photo by Kim Sedmak.