How to Prevent Falls at Home

Photo by Muffet via CreativeCommons

My mom fell over the weekend trying to help me move some things around the house. It was scary for the both of us how easily she went down but also how easily she injured herself.

Of course I had to fight her to let me take her to the emergency room but I can be persuasive when I try. Luckily, she walked away with a sprained hand but it easily could have been worse.

The rub is that it was all preventable. Everyday household items (pet toys, throw rugs, a misplaced shoe, even) pose a threat for incidents like this. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one out three adults age 65+ fall each year and are the leading cause of injury or death. Really,  falling?


They’re the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries, the CDC says. This is serious stuff, folks.

I searched our website and found some great resources on fall prevention; most of it is just common sense:

  • – Install handrails on both sides of all steps (inside and outside);
  • – Secure all carpets and area rugs with double-sided tape;
  • – Install easy to grasp shaped handles for all drawers and cabinet doors;
  • – Use brighter bulbs in all settings;
  • – Install nightlights in all areas of night activity;
  • – Add reflective, non-slip tape on all non-carpeted stairs;
  • – Install lever handles for all doors;
  • – Place a bench near entrances for setting down purchases and resting;
  • – Install closet lights, as well as adjustable rods and shelves;

What changes will you make? I know I have my list!