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The Takeaway: Debt Talks Cont’d.; Heat Wave

Posted By Tina Johnson-Marcel On July 12, 2011 @ 7:54 am In Bulletin Today | Comments Disabled

Still far apart: Despite a looming deadline and mounting pressure to “get it done,” President Obama yesterday said he was not interested [1] in any temporary “stopgap” solution to the debt ceiling problem.”That is just not an acceptable approach. So we might as well do it now. Pull off the Band-Aid.” Although the president wouldn’t get into specifics, it was clear that Social Security reforms are still on the bargaining table. … What happens if Congress fails to raise the debt limit by August 2? We’ve been here before, sort of. [2]

Be careful, it’s hot out there. About 23 states are under heat advisories [3] this week as temperatures are expected to soar to 115 degrees. (A 51-year-old man in Granite City, Ill., died Sunday due to the excessive heat.) As Candy Sagon pointed out last summer, more Americans die from heat-related illnesses “than from hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes combined.” And it’s worse for older people. How to protect yourself [4]during this latest heat wave.

Medicare anti-fraud system launched. Federal officials launched a nationwide computer system to weed out falsified Medicare [5] claims. Florida is the first state to test the new program. [6] How does it work?  From the LATimes: “It works much like credit-card systems that raise alerts about suspicious purchases – such as 20 pairs of shoes or unusually large sales – to help block criminals from using stolen cards or IDs.”… Drive to stem shingles among older people fails to meet goals [7]. …

One-third of American adults are using a smartphone, says a new Pew study [8]. Are you connected?  These apps [9]can make your life a little easier. … More on Betty Ford’s legacy. From SecondAct: How the former first lady changed the world and helped boomers confront their demons [10].

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