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Caregiving, Recession Likely Behind 64% Rise in Children Living with Grandparent

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CaregivingThere are many different data sets we can look at regarding family living arrangements, multigenerational households and grandparents caregiving for grandchildren, but consistently they all show growth in recent years. The latest Census Bureau report on the topic once again confirms the increase in families bringing generations together. The U.S. Census Bureau recently released the report, Living Arrangements of Children: 2009, which indicated 7.8 million children live with at least one grandparent, more than double the 4.7 million children living …

Richard Dreyfuss Teaches America a Lesson in Civics

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VolunteeringIt’s one thing for an actor to donate to their “cause” on a yearly basis or take part in some campaign ad — but this is impressive. Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss has been enormously successful in his Hollywood career — but lately, rather than looking for the next gig, he’s been focusing on helping to get the nation back on track. On My Generation, Dreyfuss talks to Traci Mitchell to talk about his work with a nonprofit he created, …

The Takeaway: Medicare Part D; Breast Cancer and Race

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Bulletin TodayPart D is keeping you out of the hospital: Five years after the drug plan’s debut, seniors covered by Medicare Part D are healthier and taking better care of themselves.

Debt: This Time, It’s Personal

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Money & SavingsThe national debt ceiling deadline continues to dominate headlines as August 2 nears, but a recent Associated Press-GfK poll highlights debt stress of a different kind. It revealed that more than half of Americans have money worries about what they owe to creditors. Anyone else notice that debt is a four-letter word? Debt causes worry and anxiety. Debt can lead to arguments with your other half. Debt can cause relationship and family stress. If you’re single, you generally have no one but yourself to …

Cranberries vs. Antibiotics For Preventing Bladder Infections

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Bulletin Today | Personal Health  Keep buying those cranberry capsules, ladies. That’s because the first study to directly compare cranberries — the popular home remedy for preventing bladder infections — with antibiotics, found that while antibiotics are more effective,  they also put women at greater risk for other problems because of antibiotic resistance. The new Dutch study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, concluded that a 500 mg. cranberry capsule twice a day may be the best approach for preventing urinary tract infections for …

The Takeaway: Americans Are Fed Up; Recession Rages; Salmonella Outbreak

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Bulletin TodayDon’t mean to start the morning on a low note, but the numbers don’t lie. The recession rages and long-term unemployment rates are still high. As the country focuses on the very important issue of the debt ceiling (here’s an update), many segments of the population are asking,” Hey, remember us?”