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The Takeaway: Obama Orders FDA to Deal With Drug Shortages; World’s Population Heavily Gray

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Bulletin TodayPresident Barack Obama is ordering the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to take more action on prescription drug shortages. And with the world’s population set to hit 7 billion today, it’s not only growing—it’s growing older, too.

Pumpkin Power: 50 Million Pies, Pet Food, Beer and More

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAmericans just can’t get enough of pumpkin. Everything about those gorgeous gourds — the flavor, the canned variety, the monstrously big ones, the pet remedy — is hot this season. Here are some surprising facts and recent trends concerning our favorite orange orb: * Have your pumpkin pie and feel healthy, too: Pumpkin is a super-food for older adults, rich in vitamins and high in potassium, which recent research says helps reduce stroke risk. The Mayo Clinic says plain canned pumpkin …

And We’re Live!

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Your LifeJust as Segunda’s and my own health and finances seemed to be in tip-top shape, as if on cue, our work lives demanded attention. Maybe this is the way life will always unfold for those of us trying to live our second youth better than our first. For me, it meant taking my newfound energy and redoubling efforts to connect with you, our readers, in as many multimedia platforms as possible. Unlike our daughters who can’t remember a world before …

¡Y estamos en vivo!

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En EspañolJusto cuando la salud y las finanzas de Segunda y mías parecían estar en su mejor forma, como a propósito, nuestro trabajo nos demanda una gran atención. Tal vez así es como la vida suele presentarse a quienes estamos tratando de vivir nuestra segunda juventud mejor que la primera. Para mí, significó aprovechar una energía que no sabía que tenía y redoblar los esfuerzos para comunicarme con ustedes, nuestros lectores, a través de todas las plataformas multimedia posibles. A diferencia …

Foodie Friday: Pumpkin Seeds

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Your LifeHappy Halloween everyone. Here’s a good tip for what to do with those discarded seeds after you’ve carved up your Jack-o-Lantern.

Seniors Trade Rocking Chairs for Rackets

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Personal HealthMore than ever, seniors are discovering the athlete within. Since the early 1990s, total participation (and participation by those over age 45) has grown in 21 sports and fitness activities. Note that these sports aren’t for sissies: basketball, bowling, mountain and rock climbing, walking, exercise with equipment, running and jogging, working out at a club, tackle football, golf, hiking, hunting with firearms, ice hockey, in-line skating, kayaking and rafting, martial arts, skateboarding, snorkeling, snowboarding, soccer, target shooting with firearms and …