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Lending a Strong Hand: AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship Program

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WorkGrowing old in America is not what it used to be. If you are an African-American or Hispanic over 50, you’re more likely to feel financially insecure than any other minority group. These are some of the reasons why older adults either have to look for a job after retirement or delay retirement for a few years. Women in particular, have suffered rising unemployment rates in the last 3 years, peaking at more than 7 percent this past summer. But …

The Takeaway: Older Voters In Florida Wanted More From GOP Candidates On Social Security, Medicare

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Bulletin TodayGoing into Florida’s Republican primary election today, the candidates have spent little time focusing on programs such as Social Security and Medicare—and older voters aren’t happy about it.

With Blood Pressure, Both Arms Matter

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThe next time you get your blood pressure checked, ask them to measure it in both arms. If the readings for the left and right arm have markedly different top numbers, it could be a sign of vascular disease and an increased risk of death,  a new British study shows. With consequences that serious, you’d think that doctors would routinely check both arms. And they’re supposed to, according to medical guidelines. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t do it, say the authors …

“Doing No Harm” Is Not Doing Your Best

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Personal HealthAs AARP’s Sustainability Manager, Pam Evans has led the effort to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into AARP’s internal business operations. She’s passionate about educating members on the importance of responsible use of resources, and the direct connection between the declining health of the environment and the health of our, and future, generations. This week I’m sharing some of the most fascinating discoveries I’ve made while reviewing the myriad environmental newsletters, white papers, emails and articles that cross my desk. I …

Giving Military Family Caregivers a Break

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CaregivingGood news for military family caregivers today. The Obama Administration has proposed a new rule that would allow families of U.S. service members to use the Family and Medical Leave Act to care for an injured soldier or to help them get ready if they’re deployed on short notice. Labor Department officials will consider comments over the next 60 days before deciding whether to give it the green light. Here are the highlights of the proposal: Family caregivers could take a work leave …

A win-win: Get older workers back in the game

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WorkHas the economy finally crawled out of the bog? Things may be looking up but – right now – 4 million older Americans are either unemployed or not able to find full-time employment. Many are struggling to meet their everyday needs and having to choose between which necessity to buy – groceries or medicine. That’s a choice no one should have to make. If you’re an employer or a workforce development professional, you can help. How?