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I’m pretty lucky. As a full-time caregiver for my parents, me and my siblings have a great relationship. I keep them informed of the parentals’ latest appointments and procedures, and when I need a break, they’re here. Without question.

However, I get that most families aren’t as harmonious. It’s a tragedy, really, when that happens. But I won’t wax philosophical about another’s family politics.

What I will tell you is that we here at AARP know this is an issue and we’re here to help. Aside from the question, How can I get paid for being a caregiver?, the second most popular question we’re continually asked is: What happens when my siblings don’t like how I’m caring for mom/dad? Well, here’s your chance to ask.

We’re hosting a webinar: Family Feuds: What to Do When Families Disagree About How to Care for Mom. Our caregiving experts will tell you that there are various reasons why a sibling might not like what’s going on: denial, avoidance, poor communicator —  just to name a few. Please share this with anyone you know having a similar issue. Here’s the info on the webinar:

  • When: 7 pm ET on Thursday, Feb. 23.
  • Who: Any caregiver in this tough situation and their families.
  • How: RSVP here, write on your calendar, keep your PIN and come with questions.

See you there!

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