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Going It Alone

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Personal HealthMarried people live longer and healthier lives.  Consider this: nine out of ten married men who are alive at 48 will make it to 65-years-old (no, it will not just seem like it) as compared with six out of 10 of men who are not married.  Women on the other hand are in better shape statistically.  So be aware men; Marriage can save your life.  Be grateful.  I will be forwarding this to my husband. But not everyone agrees with …

Get Ready for the AARP Savings Challenge

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Money & SavingsLet the games – and the money saving – begin!  Next Monday, April 2, we’re kicking off a special springtime edition of Savings Challenge, a chance for you to share your penny pinching tips, learn some new ways to save money, and maybe even win some terrific prizes! Every week from April 2 through April 29, we’ll be hosting a week-long challenge, asking for your best tips and stories as they relate to a specific money-saving topic I’ll announce each Monday.  …

Do You Know the Signs of a Heart Attack for Women?

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Personal HealthHeart disease, not breast cancer, is the number one killer of women. In fact, heart disease kills more women than the next seven most deadly diseases combined. Women sometimes fail to recognize a heart attack because their acute symptoms are different than those of men experiencing a heart attack. Severe chest pain may occur during a heart attack for both men and women, but women also report pain or discomfort in other areas of the body before or during a …

The Takeaway: What Men and Women Can Learn From One Another About Saving for Retirement

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Bulletin TodayThere are clear differences between men and women when it comes to retirement planning. By integrating the best of both genders’ strategies, you can increase your prospects for a secure retirement.

Grieving for Pets and Humans: Which Hurts More?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThe day after my mother died, an acquaintance earnestly told me, “I know just how you feel. My beloved dog passed away last month.” I admit I was insulted. I know she was trying to be empathetic, but really, how can grief over a pet be the same as grief over a parent? But perhaps I was wrong. Washington Post food editor Joe Yonan wrote a moving story this week about his grief over the death of his dog, Red, compared to …

ComEd Owes You Money – And They Won’t Pay Up!

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Your LifeHi Illinois friends! This is Gerardo, from the AARP Illinois Communications Team…. I’m sure you’d agree with me – if somebody owed you some money, you’d want them to pay up as soon as possible. What if that somebody owed you $37 million? Well, utility giant Commonwealth Edison owes its Northern Illinois customers $37 million dating back to 2007. The State has ordered them to pay, and pay soon. And ComEd is fighting the order in court. Can you believe …