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The Feast World’s Fare: Dinner Just Got a Whole Lot Bigger

By: Jerri Chou, Founder, The Feast Social Innovation Conference. Chou lives social innovation as the Co-Founder of The Feast Social Innovation Conference, All Day Buffet, and TBD. Named one of FastCompany’s Most Creative People in Business, she is also the head strategist at Lovely Day and works to make innovative social solutions the new standard for “business as usual.”

What if dinner was more than just dinner? What if one dinner could change the world? 

Enter, The Feast World’s Fare: the largest global roaming dinner party to change the world.

You see, for four years, The Feast has gathered remarkable people bringing their talents to the table to make the world work better. These individuals came from every industry and included architects designing sustainable food systems within city sky-scrapers to charities providing water around the world in innovative ways to artists and musicians who were using their skills to spread positive messages across the world. 

This year, we’re opening up the dialogue to move people to action like never before. Here’s how it works. We’re inviting innovators everywhere to host a literal Feast of their own for six or more friends at 7pm local time on October 5, 2012 (the final day of The Feast Conference). Break bread and by the end of your Feast, collectively decide on one thing to collaborate on that’ll improve the world. We’ll compile all of the ideas online, and akin to the original World’s Fair, it’ll all be capped off with a giant celebration of innovation at a public pavilion in NYC the next day.

You can learn more at feastongood.com/worldsfare.

You can also support the project or pre-register for a dinner on kickstarter here.

We’re not just talking about holidays like Thanksgiving anymore, but real revelries with community and family to celebrate bounty, sing songs, dance and come together to dream about what a brighter future might hold and begin planning to make it happen. That is what Feasts have always been about, and the same goes for this one.

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