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The Takeaway: 3 Grandmothers Review 50 Shades of Grey

Three California sisters who became Internet Famous earlier this year for discussing Kim Kardashian’s sex tape on YouTube are back with a review of steamy/silly bestseller 50 Shades of Grey. The verdict? Neither Mary Bartnicki, 81, or her 72-year-old twin sisters–all working hairdressers, who go by the “3 Golden Sisters” online–would recommend it. Says Bartnicki in the video:

I loved the beginning but as you go on, it’s absolutely, totally ridiculous.”

Mary says she is “puzzled” by younger women who say they can’t put the book down.

While the idea of grandmas discussing erotica is obviously part of the gag, 50 Shades of Grey was actually quite a hit with older female audiences. Its popularity among middle-age women have people calling it “mommy porn” (or ‘mummy porn,’ across the sea).

Though it won’t win any prizes for prose, the e-book turned paperback has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. Part of a softcore erotica  trilogy by “E L James” (aka 49-year-old English mother Erika Mitchell), 50 Shades it chronicles romance and rough sex between Anastasia Steele and “handsome billionaire” Christian Grey.  For more detail, I’ll leave it to the Golden Sisters:

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