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5 Ways to Survive a Road Trip with the Grandkids

It’s that time of year again: School’s out, the pools are in full use, the heat is on and so it’s time for the annual traveling with grandkids blog! So get out the suitcases, sunscreen, ear plugs and patience … and let’s hit the road.GOYER family vacations

This summer, researchers are finding that the majority of travelers are planning to drive to their vacation destinations. While saving some cash is great, it may mean longer transport time … also known as more time spent answering the question, “Are we there yet?!”

Here are a few tips for keeping the kids from bursting at the seams in the confined space of the family magic-carpet-on-wheels during your multigenerational vacation. You and the grandkids won’t just survive this annual rite of summer – you’ll make it fun, quality time together and, hopefully,  keep your sanity too.

Here’s the key: keep ’em entertained over the long haul.

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Photo by Hugo90 via CreativeCommons.org