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Reduce Air Conditioning Costs, Electric Bills

My grandfather would have loved the heat wave we’re having, if for no other reason than it would give him cause to unleash his endless arsenal of “It’s hotter than…” sayings.

You know, “It’s hotter than a firecracker lit on both ends.” Or, “It’s hotter than the devil dancing in frying pan.” Or even, “hotter than a billy goat in pepper patch,” which I guess would be pretty hot, although admittedly some of Gramps’ sayings translated better than others between generations.

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I recently wrote about ways to stay cool Рand save money Рwithout cranking up the air conditioning, but with record setting heat engulfing much of the U.S., occasionally even a cheapskate needs to breakdown and turn on the AC. When you do resort to air conditioning, you can reduce operating costs by following these simple tips:

Here’s wishing you an enjoyable summer, even though it’s hotter out there than a preacher man standing in the devil’s kitchen… or was he standing in a pepper patch?

* Tell me what’s your favorite “hotter than” saying?. Put it in the comment field below.

Photo by christianedillman via Flickr Creative Commons.