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It’s dinner time – do you know where your Obesogen is?

Posted By Pam Evans On July 10, 2012 @ 7:44 am In Health Talk | Comments Disabled

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Fuschia Foot

This definitely falls into the “I’ve got good news and bad news” category – it’s not JUST the food we eat that’s packing on the pounds.  It’s almost everything we use, eat, drink, touch and smell in our modern lives – and it’s even affecting our babies. (That’s the worst of the bad news to this new grandma. Shout out to Lorelei Grace born 6/20!)

They’re called obesogens, and they’re ubiquitous. Much of the plastic we store and buy food in, many toys, including those targeted to infants,  food can liners, non-stick pans, even shower curtains contain these harmful toxic substances.

I first heard about these toxins during a wonderful meeting with Dr. Richard Denison [2], senior scientist in the health group at EDF [3]. Then, as often happens, I started noticing  the topic popping up everywhere!  Almost two years ago, Dr. Oz talked about them [4]in a very easy to understand way.  A recent article in US News [5] focused on the relationship between phthalates and the rise of obesity in very young children.  And their presence in seemingly every aspect of our lives [6] shows just how difficult it will be trying to eliminate our exposure to them.

Remember the saying “Better Living through Chemistry”?  Well, I guess it’s time to rethink how we incorporate the endless stream of current and yet-to-be-instroduced chemicals into our everyday lives without tougher, longer ranging review.  It seems the current “innocent until proven guilty” paradigm has led us to a place we never anticipated.

Stay green and healthy!

photo by Fuschia Foot [7] via flickr

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