Boom and Gloom

5929474535_0df6f82ae0_oI learned  that Baby Boomers are riddled with anxiety about whether they’ll be financially secure when they retire, and they’re less than pleased with our political leaders’ response.

A new Anxiety Index, created by AARP through a series of surveys, measures what non-retired Baby Boomer voters age 50-64 worry about. This concern overrides even their worry about health expenses, jobs, or paying too much in taxes. Almost three in four (72%) believe they will have to delay retirement, and almost two-thirds (65%) are concerned they won’t have enough money to retire.

Half of them don’t think they’ll ever be able to retire.

They hold Washington D.C largely responsible. Voters 50+ are as likely to say their financial circumstances were negatively affected by political gridlock in Washington (78%) as by the economic downturn (77%).

Voters age 50+ highlight the importance of Social Security and Medicare, which most say will become even more important when they do retire. They believe overwhelmingly that the presidential candidates have not done a good job of explaining their plans on Social Security (67%) and Medicare (63%), which they say will be important to them in deciding how to vote.

For non-retired voters age 50+, retirement security and economic security are pretty much the same thing. For more information about the results of AARP voter surveys, please visit

To find out what the candidates are saying in their own words on Social Security, Medicare, and financial security, please visit AARP’s Voters’ Guide at

Photo Credit: Images Money on Flickr.