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3 Tricks to Looking Like A Grown-up Diva

Posted By Lois Joy Johnson On January 23, 2013 @ 6:00 am In Be Your Best | Comments Disabled

[1]Most of us will never walk the Red Carpet, dance at an Inaugural Ball or win an Oscar, but thanks to ramped up post-50 lifestyles, drop-dead dresses and full-on makeup, a stunning look can still be part of the game plan.  We do obsess now about how much skin to show. We debate baring a mature decolletage and wiggly arms. We worry about our bellies (I mean, who has a perfectly flat one anymore?), muffin tops and thighs.  We wonder if that good old strapless wedding guest/bar mitzvah dress can still work one more time (it can’t). Looking like a celebrity [2] is not that complicated and we’re all perfectly capable (unlike celebs) of pulling it all together on our own. There are only three things you need to do:

BUY A DRESS WITH SLEEVES OR A ONE-SHOULDER [3] NECKLINE. Time’s up for strapless, plunging V necks and halters- all emphasize saggy boobs, crepe-y cleavage and arm dangle. Cover up in sleeves and show your shape instead of skin like Helen Mirren or let  those still crispy shoulders hitch up a one-shoulder dress like Elizabeth Hurley. You can’t go wrong with sexy black but bolder colors like pink, coral, violet and lipstick red look new and make you standout in a crowd and photos. Check out Ralph Lauren’s Asymmetrical Jersey Column [4] ($190, nordstrom.com) and Ralph Lauren’s One Shoulder Dress [5] ($180, bloomingdales.com) for low-cost sensational evening gowns or head straight to renttherunway.com [6] to “borrow” a thousand dollar dress for the price of a good bra.

[7]GET SPRAYED AND LASH IT UP.  Do two things your normally would not: a salon spray tan and fake lashes. Don’t resist. A pro will blur all the stuff you wish wasn’t there into a seamless creamy sunny glow and get all the tough spots you’d miss like  your back and tops of hands. Supplement your mascara with fake lashes. Full [8] strip drugstore lashes are easy to do and the cheapies are best because they have a flexible soft base. They also give wrinkled or hidden hooded lids or smaller droopy eyes a bigger, lifted, more dramatic look without a lot of tricky shadow work. Practice first for a few days at home and use a dark (not white) glue that will melt perfectly into your eye liner and lashes. Try: Ardell Fashion Lashes [9] ($3.99, ulta.com) and Duo Eyelash Adhesive Dark Tone [10] ($4.79,drugstore.com).

ADD A CONTROL SLIP. Psyche yourself firm with a high waist slip. It slurps up every ounce of flab and reminds your body what tight and toned looks like without a diet [11] and boot-camp regimen. Choose a half slip for one-shoulder looks and either a full or half slip (depending on your needs) under a dress with [12] sleeves. Try: Spanx Lust Have High Waist Half Slip [13]($68, herroom.com) and Hanes High Waist Slip [14] ($19.99, target.com).

Then eat, drink, dance, kiss or network the night away.

For more body-boosting, problem solving beauty & style tips [15] check out my new book The Wardrobe Wakeup, Your Guide to Looking Fabulous At Any Age by Lois Joy Johnson [16] ($13.64, amazon.com).

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