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Jane Glenn Haas: the Sage of Aging

Back in the 1980s,  I moved to California to work at the Orange County Registerwhere, at the time, the real estate beat was covered by a woman named Jane Glenn Haas. I never knew her very well, but she seemed like one of those old-fashioned  newspaper reporters, the ones who’d been cultivating sources for so long that she could dig up more insights by thumbing her Rolodex than I probably could from Google today. On one of my first shifts she was kind enough to give me a few pointers about California architecture for a story about a new housing development, which saved me from looking like an East Coast rube.

Eventually, I moved back East, and pretty much lost track of Haas, except for occasionally seeing her book reviews in a magazine that I also wrote for. When she passed away on Jan. 23 at age 75, I was surprised to learn that the former ace business journalist had launched a second, and even more successful, career as a commentator and author who specialized in the challenges of aging, especially the ones faced by women. In 2000, she wrote a well-received inspirational book, Time of Your Life: Why Almost Everything Gets Better After Fifty, and after ostensibly retiring from the newspaper business in 2006, launched a twice-weekly column – mostly about aging issues – that ran in 300 newspapers across the nation.

Here’s a video of Hass talking about WomanSage, an organization she founded that assists women with personal reinvention and career growth. 

I went back and read some of Haas’ columns from the past few years, and picked out a few of her pearls of wisdom on some important subjects: