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The Organized Caregiver: Documents and Easily Accessible Tech Tools


Being organized is the key to success for all caregivers, but it can definitely be a challenge to gather and keep track of all the important documents and information you’ll need. I suggest you gather your loved one’s information in one secure place for easy access. Here are the documents I’ve found to be critical as I am caregiving for my parents, and (above) my Taking Care with Amy Goyer video on cool tech tools to help you stay organized and access information quickly.

First, collect the basic information. You may not immediately think about needing these things, but believe me, you will! Make copies of these:

The minimum health information you’ll need includes:

Legal documents you’ll need may include:

You’ll also want all the basic financial information, including:

Remember, all of these things can change often, so keep them current, and try apps and websites such as Dropbox, Evernote or AboutOne to store and organize them so they are at your fingertips any time on your phone, tablet or computer – and easy to share with other family members. Technology really can make your life easier!

How do you stay organized? Please share your tips in the comments section below.

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