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Other Earth-Friendly Days

240-planting-tree-other-earth-friendly-daysDon’t get me wrong:  as a lifelong environmentalist, I think that Earth Day (April 22) serves an invaluable purpose both as a celebration of our wondrous planet and as an opportunity to draw attention to the many serious – literally “life threatening” – challenges facing our natural environment.  The only problem with Earth Day is that it’s a single day once a year, while our responsibility to the environment is 24/7, every day of the year.

The good news is that there are all kinds of specially designated days and weeks throughout the year that celebrate specific aspects of our environment and reinforce the need to cherish and protect it.  And the even better news is, as I’ve discussed here before, whenever you conserve resources and do something good for Mother Earth, it’s usually good for your bank account as well.

Here are some other Earth-friendly dates to mark on your calendar in addition to Earth Day:


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