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I’m counting down the days until May 15, the night I get to introduce four great Movies for Grownups with Robert Osborne on TCM. Here’s today’s trivia bit about one of the movies we’re showing:

Spellbound lobby card (Photo: Selznick International Pictures)

Spellbound lobby card
(Photo: Selznick International Pictures)

Besides its eerie dream sequence designed by Salvador Dali, Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound is noted for its unforgettable, Oscar-winning musical score by Miklos Rozsa. He makes great use of the theramin, that haunting device that makes the spooky “whoo-OOO!” sound that later became popular in science fiction movies. In fact, the theramin plays an important audio role in The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Thing—plus, of all things, The Ten Commandments. For a long time I thought the theramin was used to create the musical score of another film we’re featuring on Turner Classic Movies, Forbidden Planet. But although the sound is similar, Planet utilizes a different electronic device created by Greenwich Village performance artists Louis and Bebe Barron.