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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

Posted By Mattie Snider On July 31, 2013 @ 2:01 pm In Take Care | Comments Disabled

News, discoveries and fun …

Overweight dad with daughter on beach [1]

1. Trying to shame people into losing weight only makes them get fatter. (Learn more at AARP [2])

2. Former President George H.W. Bush looks great Michael Jordan style. (Learn more at Daily Mail [3])

George H.W. Bush shaved head for cancer [3]

3. Bush hates broccoli, but former President (and current vegan) Bill Clinton substitutes whipped cauliflower for mashed potatoes. (Learn more at AARP [4])

cq5dam.web.620.398 [5]

4. Old Jews can tell the same jokes 500 times and still get laughs. (Learn more at AARP [6])

Dan Okrent's tatoo [7]

5. Scientists are growing teeth from human urine. (Learn more at BBC News [8])

6. Your trash could be the best place to find a million bucks. (Learn more at AARP [9])

Lottery winners find ticket in trash [9]

7. Police in Germany can’t decide whether it’s illegal to drive a swimming pool. (Learn more at National Turk [10])

Swimming pool car [10]

8. Singing “Happy Birthday” makes the cake taste better. (Learn more at NBC News [11])

birthday cake [11]

9. A British cell phone company says it has invented “Thumbells” to help customers keep their texting muscles in shape. (Learn more at ABC News [12])

10. Sexologist Virginia Johnson of Masters and Johnson fame once performed as a country western singer/pianist under the name Virginia Gibson. (Learn more at AARP [13])

11. Grizzly bears have lots of fun when they think nobody is looking. (Learn more at Daily Mail Online [14])
YouTube Preview Image [15]


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Let us read the 11 Things to you:

Beach bums: Kyle May/Flickr

Bald George H.W. Bush: Jim McGrath/Twitter

Dan Okrent with tattoo: Eric Spiegelman

Lottery winners: Massachusetts Lottery/WPTV

Jacuzzi car: Venom82/Flickr

Blowing out candles: lucyfrench123/Flickr

Bear video: Alberta Parks and Ewan Dobson/YouTube


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