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Jeff Bezos: Latest in New Breed of Newspaper Magnates

If you watched the TV series “Lou Grant,” you might cling to an image of newspaper owners in the mold of Mrs. Pynchon, the aristocratic, high-minded widow who struggled to keep the Los Angeles Tribune afloat. The character, played by the late Nancy Marchand, was based in large part on Katharine Graham, the a real-life elegant heiress and publisher of the Washington Post.

bezosMaybe that’s part of why it’s so startling to hear that Graham’s newspaper is being sold to Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos. He’s a member of a new breed of mass-media magnates who bring to mind the words of the brash young tycoon Orson Welles portrayed in Citizen Kane: “I think it would be fun to run a newspaper.” Here’s the scoop on some of the new news barons.


But if you’re still nostalgic for Mrs. Pynchon, here’s the premiere episode of Lou Grant from 1977.


Photo of Jeff Bezos: Steve Jurvetson via Wikipedia


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