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Jury Duty Scam Returns… Again

Posted By Sid Kirchheimer On September 5, 2013 @ 9:30 am In Scam Alert | Comments Disabled

Jury Duty Scam [1]Some folks make all kinds of claims to get out of jury duty. But don’t believe a phone call claiming you’re about to be arrested for ignoring your civic duty – especially if you never received a jury summons.

The jury duty scam is back. In recent weeks, this recurring ruse – first seen in Scam Alert [2] in 2006 – has resurfaced across the U.S., prompting warnings by scores of officials and at least one federal judge [3].

In the latest wave of phony phone calls, scammers typically pose as police [4], claiming that you missed jury duty, and because of that, you face impending arrest unless a fine is immediately paid. The scammers usually demand you pay with a Green Dot MoneyPak card [5].

But some fraudsters stick with the traditional trickery of this scheme: [6] Rather than demand a fine to avoid arrest, they purport to be calling from the courthouse in need of personal information – including your Social Security number -to “verify” whether you were called for jury duty. Of course the real purpose is gathering data for identity theft [7]

In some states, if you skip out on jury duty you may be fined–expect that bad news to arrive via U.S. mail or a summons hand-delivered by a uniformed police officer. Or a bench warrant could be issued in your name, which could lead to your arrest during a routine traffic stop.

But the police never give advance warning by telephone of impending arrest nor personally solicit the payment of fines. And in rare cases where a legitimate court employee calls about scheduled jury duty, you will not be asked for sensitive information such as your SSN.

Photo by Douglas Muth/Flickr.com [8]


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