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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week – Polar Vortex Edition

Posted By Steve Mencher On January 8, 2014 @ 4:18 pm In 11 Things We Didn't Know Last Week | Comments Disabled

 News, discoveries and fun …

Wisconsin ice [1]

1. It got so cold in Kentucky that an escaped prisoner turned himself back in. (Learn more at Associated Press [1])

Tweets about “#polarvortex” [2]

2. Eating certain foods can reduce your risk of developing cataracts. (Learn more at AARP [3])

Prunes [4]

3. Siri, Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant, isn’t so keen about her purring counterpart in the new movie Her, but suggests seeing the movie anyway. (Learn more at Wired [5])

Siri on 'Her' [5]

“Siri, do you like movies?”


4. A newspaper in Vancouver, Wash., discovered an undeveloped roll of film taken by a photographer who was killed 33 years ago in the catastrophic eruption of Mount St. Helens. (Learn more at The Columbian [6])

Mt. Saint Helens, Reid Blackburn [6]

5. Time travelers are not chronicling their adventures on Facebook and Twitter. (Learn more at The Atlantic [7])

6. A restaurant in Pakistan has banned Pakistanis from eating there. (Learn more at NBC News [8])

7. Tonya Harding still denies any involvement in the 1994 attack on rival figure skater Nancy Kerrigan. (Learn more at ESPN Films [9])

400-tonya-harding-skating-recent-news [10]

8. Downton Abbey‘s proud, straight-laced head butler Mr. Carson was once in love. (Learn more at AARP [11])

'Downton Abbey' cast [12]

Mr. Carson is at left.

9. Not even your surgeon knows how much a new hip costs. (Learn more at Kaiser Health News [13])

10. Online, your shopping cart could be stalking you. (Learn more at AARP [14])

11. The American Dialect Society crowned “because” its 2013 word of the year. Why? “Because useful.” (Learn more at the New York Times [15])

Bonus video: What to do when it’s really cold outside:

YouTube Preview Image [16]

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Images – Deep freeze: Elvis Kennedy/Flickr [19]; Prunes: Chrissy H./Flickr [20]; Siri: Screenshot; Mount St. Helens: Reid Blackburn courtesy of The Columbian [21]; Tonya Harding: Bob Thomas/Getty Images; Downton Abbey: Courtesy PBS

Music – Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra plays Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra – Blue Blazes by Sy Oliver, Creative Commons, courtesy of Smithsonian Remix [22] project.

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