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Pete Seeger: Folk Music Legend, Political Activist

Posted By Patrick Kiger On January 28, 2014 @ 12:10 pm In Legacy | Comments Disabled

Pete Seeger, who passed away on Jan. 27 at age 94 in New York [1], accomplished the nearly unimaginable. He showed that one man, armed only with a banjo, a tenor singing voice and the courage of his convictions, not only could leave an indelible stamp upon popular music, but also challenge injustice and fight for a better world.

Pete Seeger [2]Seeger helped popularize folk music, a genre derived from the traditional chants, hymns and laments of hardscrabble rural America, and wrote or co-wrote some American standards. His work inspired scores of musicians, from Bob Dylan [3] to the Byrds to Bruce Springsteen [4], who released an entire CD of Seeger songs [5]in 2006.

But Seeger also exerted nearly as powerful of an influence with his civil rights, antiwar and environmental activism. His performances of “We Shall Overcome,” a song synthesized by others from African-American religious music, helped make it an anthem for protesters fighting segregation. And he provided an example of how to speak truth to power in 1955. When the House Un-American Activities Committee asked questions about his political beliefs or associations, he refused to answer, at the risk of going to prison, and instead offered to sing to the committee.

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As Seeger said in a Beliefnet interview [7]: “My main purpose in life at this age – almost 90 years old – I’ve decided that if there’s a human race here in one hundred years, it will be because we learn how to participate with each other, even though we may disagree about many things.”

Here are a few of Seeger’s memorable songs.

  • “If I Had a Hammer.” Seeger and Lee Hays, who performed together in The Weavers, wrote this song in 1949. Peter, Paul and Mary made it a Top 40 hit in 1962. YouTube Preview Image [8]
  • “Turn! Turn! Turn!” Seeger gave his song, inspired by the Book of Ecclesiastes, to the Byrds, whose folk-rock version became a hit in 1965. YouTube Preview Image [9]
  • “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” Seeger’s composition, with a melody adapted from a Russian folk song, was a hit for the Kingston Trio in 1962. Peter, Paul and Mary, who also recorded the song, performed it with Seeger at this 2009 concert. YouTube Preview Image [10]
  • “Waist Deep in the Big Muddy.” Seeger’s 1967 antiwar allegory was so controversial that CBS cut his performance of it from The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, though that raised such a stir that the segment eventually aired.   YouTube Preview Image [11]
  • “Guantanamera.” Seeger’s musical arrangement, coupled with the lyrics by Cuban poet and independence hero Jose Marti, became a hit for the Sandpipers in 1966. YouTube Preview Image [12]


Photo: Brian Shuel/Redferns/Getty Images

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