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How to Get Your Arms in Shape for Summer? Push-ups!

Fit ArmsIt seems the older I get the more difficult it is to get certain body parts back in shape. This is especially true of my arms.

But, here’s the good news: I have found an easy way to make arms strong and lean again in a few minutes a day: I do push-ups.

Even if you’re already engaged in a regular exercise program (and I hope you are), you should give serious consideration to adding push-ups to your routine.  There’s no doubt that in addition to working out with free weights, our fit first lady Michelle Obama does push-ups to get her gorgeous biceps.

There are so many good reasons to do push-ups every day, but here are my top five:


Are you ready to get your arms in shape for summer . . . and for life?  Take a look at this short video on how to do push-ups from the Best of Everything After 50 series for the AARP YouTube Channel. Your arms may soon be ready for just about anything.

YouTube Preview Image

Until next time, remember this: We can’t control getting older . . . but . . . we can control how we do it.

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