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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

Posted By Steve Mencher On March 19, 2014 @ 4:54 pm In 11 Things We Didn't Know Last Week | Comments Disabled

News, discoveries and … fun.

Burmese Python snake [1]

1. Captured Burmese pythons will slither home in a straight line for many miles. (Learn more at Discovery [1])

2. A photographer has a way of making sick kids’ dreams come to life. (Learn more at Huffington Post [2])

sadiesunflower-van-daele [2]

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3. Some bad fats may not be so bad for us after all. (Learn more at AARP [4])

cheeseburger and fries [4]

4. California, Berkeley claims it has hired the first university Wikipedian-in-residence.  (Learn more at Library Journal [5])

Wikipedia logo [5]

5. Hate the prep? Probably. But colonoscopies helped reduce colon cancer by 30 percent. (Learn more at AARP [6])

6. Superheroes would look different if they aged like you and I. (Learn more at Comic Book Resources [7])

Cartoon rendering of Batman and Robin as older adults [7]

Batman and Robin, Courtesy of Lesley Vamos, Striped Designs

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7. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is the last person whose identity you should steal. (Learn more at Yahoo [9])

8. The “five-second rule” about dropped food? New scientific research supports it. (Learn more at KMOV [10])

Five-second rule supported [10]

9. It’s true: The universe expanded to unimaginable vastness in the first fractional second of its existence. (Learn more at National Geographic [11])
YouTube Preview Image [12]

10. High-protein insects can help feed the world, says a new report. (Learn more at Atlantic Cities [13]) (Thanks to Hilarie Grey)

High protein insects [13]

11. A quarter million people are watching “Instagranny” battle cancer. (Learn more at AARP [14])

Grandma Betty Instagram [15]

Bonus video: This misbehaving dog doesn’t know its owner has installed a puppycam.

YouTube Preview Image [16]

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Let us read 11 Things to you:

Credits – Burmese Python: Karunakar Rayker [19]/Flickr; Sadie Sunflower: Drawing Hope Project [20], Shawn Van Daele; Triple cheeseburger and fries: marsmet [21]/Flickr;  Wikipedia logo: Wikipedia; Batman and Robin: Courtesy of Lesley Vamos, Striped Designs [22]; Falling food: Stefan Lindmark [23];  Plate of crickets: Massa [24]/Flickr; grandmabetty33/Instagram.

Music – Spinning by Alex Beroza [25] via ccMixter


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