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How to Survive Economy Class

Posted By Samantha Brown On March 28, 2014 @ 12:24 pm In Travel Experience | Comments Disabled

Flying [1] economy class? I’m sure you’re anticipating the worst – and no, you’re not just getting grumpier as you get older! The seats are smaller than they used to be. Forget about pillows and blankets. Food? Maybe a little bag of peanuts with a tenacious seal. (How’d my seatmate get that thing open? Should I ask him to open mine?)

Ear plugs for takeoff [2]Still, if you plan ahead, it’s not too much hassle to bring along some of the creature comforts we used to enjoy on planes [3]. I take my own bag of amenities, an in-flight survival kit I’ve created after 15 years of intense air travel [4]. It contains antidotes to the stress of the all-aboard cattle call.

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As soon as I’m in my seat, I open my  kit, kick off my shoes and pull on a fresh pair of comfy socks. Lip balm and hand moisturizer make me feel more civilized and counteract that dry airplane [6] air. And don’t forget earplugs. Nothing puts you in your own private space better than silence: beautiful, peaceful silence.

I also bring something to eat from home – I’ve been doing it for more than a decade. I’m sure to have a few of my favorite tea bags, along with a snack or a sandwich (preferably non-messy – and remember, tuna salad might smell a tad strong in tight quarters). I know whatever I bring will taste better than any stale airline offerings. I also know I can eat while everyone else is waiting and avoid the post-meal rush to the restrooms.

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Whatever creature comforts I bring, I always pack them in a carry-on that fits under the seat in front of me and is solid, not squishy. Think briefcase rather than backpack. At cruising altitude, I slide the case out and prop my feet up on it. Raising your legs ever so slightly helps with circulation and lets your body rest in a more natural position than the uncomfortable airplane [8] seat affords.

It doesn’t take much effort: Create your own in-flight survival kit to take the emphasis off “creature” and put it on “comfort.”

Credit: cccp87 [9]/iStockphoto


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