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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

Posted By Steve Mencher On April 16, 2014 @ 5:24 pm In 11 Things We Didn't Know Last Week | Comments Disabled

News, discoveries and … fun

Exchange Senior Flute Player [1]

1. At Kennedy Elementary School in Dubuque, Iowa, the oldest member of the band is 79. (Learn more at Twincities.com [1])

2. Your brain is over the hill at age 24. (Learn more at AARP [2])

Playing Starcraft 2 [2]

3. Johnny Cash can still have a No. 1 album 11 years after he died. (Learn more at AARP [3])

Johnny Cash 'Out Among the Stars' [3]

4. A new app adjusts your body rhythm to beat jet lag. (Learn more at Newsweek [4])

4897705884_ab1bc4e4f4_b [5]

5. Scientists say they’ve manufactured blood for people. (Learn more at Gizmodo [6])

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6. There’s a second huge hole in the Earth’s atmosphere. (Learn more at Climate Central [8])

7. A South African restaurant provides a portable studio for diners who want to photograph their meals for display on social media. (Learn more at Designtaxi [9])

mweb-dinnercam [9]

8. Leon Russell once played piano for Doris Day. (Learn  more at AARP [10])

Leon Russell 2009 [10]

9. NASA is sending a mini-farm  - about 1.5 feet long - into space so astronauts can grow and eat fresh vegetables there. (Space.com [11])

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NASA - Veggie - Grows vegetables in outer space [11]

10. A tiny generator turns body heat into electricity to power smart watches, high-tech glasses and other wearable devices. (Learn more at Engadget [13])

wearable-generator [13]

11. Men get happier at age 50, but begin turning “grumpy” at 70, according to one study. (Learn more at Daily Mail [14])

260770172_9d94163ec5_b [14]

Bonus video: Two Dutch women, both 70-something, take their first airplane rides, courtesy of the phone giant Vodaphone:

YouTube Preview Image [15]

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Let us read 11 Things to you:

Credits – Flute player Tony Boland in Dubuque, Iowa: TH Media [18]/Jessica Reilly; video game guy: Aftershow/Flickr [19]; Johnny Cash album: Sony; yawning woman: Lauren Powell-Smothers/Flickr [20]; #dinnercam: courtesy of MWEB [21] South Africa; Leon Russell: Carl Lender/Flickr [22]; NASA’s “veggie” farm: NASA/Carla Cioffi; body heat power generator: the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology [23] (KAIST); grumpy Italian men: David Boardman/Flickr [24].

Music – Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra plays Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra – Blue Blazes by Sy Oliver, Creative Commons, courtesy of Smithsonian Remix [25] project.

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