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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

Posted By Steve Mencher On May 21, 2014 @ 5:27 pm In 11 Things We Didn't Know Last Week | No Comments

News, discoveries and … fun

dino-bone-670x440-140519 [1]

1. The bones of a seven-story-tall dinosaur, called the largest creature ever to walk the earth, were discovered in Argentina. (Learn more at NPR [1])

2. The outgoing Indian prime minister had 1.24 million Twitter followers before he reset the government account, making the new PM start over. (Learn more at Quartz [2])

3. The residents of Paraguay are the happiest people in the world, followed by those in four other Latin American countries. (Learn more at NBC [6])

Ecuador's President in Paraguay [6]

His country in third place, the president of Ecuador visits happy Paraguay

4. British scientists will pay $16.8 million to whoever solves humanity’s biggest scientific problem … once the public decides what that is. (Learn more at BBC [7])

2944929970_efdfb64ba5_z [7]

One problem to solve is access to safe, clean water

5. Single women own more homes than single men. (Learn more at AARP [8])

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6. Europeans voted Bulgarian salad their favorite food. (Learn more at Big Think [10])

Bulgarian Salad (Shopska) [10]

7. An airplane’s toilet is not where germs live longest. (Learn more at AARP [11])

Worried man in airplane seat [11]

8. A measles vaccine wiped out a woman’s incurable cancer. (Learn more at Cancer Research UK [12])

9. Scary movies can injure your heart. (Learn more at BBC [13])

The Blob movie poster [13]

10. Medical services that provide little or no health benefit cost Medicare at least $1.9 billion a year. (Learn more at AARP [14])

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11. The world’s oldest living cat is 24. (Learn more at NBC News [16])

Letsy, photographed in 2011, is NOT the world's oldest cat [16]

Letsy, photographed in 2011, is NOT the world’s oldest cat

Bonus video: At the Webby Awards in New York City, attendees ironically mourned the death of the selfie. If only.

YouTube Preview Image [17]

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Images: Dinosaur bone courtesy of Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio [20], photo José Marí­a Farfaglia; Paraguay dancers courtesy of the President of Ecuador/Flickr [21]; Woman drinking at fountain: World Bank/Flickr [22]; Bulgarian salad: Emi Popova/Flickr [23]; Worried man on plane: Craftvision/iStockphoto [24]; Blob movie poster: erjkprunczyk/Flickr [25]; Cat: Theen Moy/Flickr [26]

Music – Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra plays Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra – Blue Blazes by Sy Oliver, Creative Commons, courtesy of Smithsonian Remix [27] project.

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