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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

Posted By Steve Mencher On June 4, 2014 @ 5:41 pm In 11 Things We Didn't Know Last Week | No Comments

News, discoveries and … fun

Ear [1]

1. An art project regrew Vincent van Gogh’s ear. (Learn more at The Verge [1])

2. Learning a second language can help make you smarter. (Learn more at AARP [2])

3. New 3-D printed foods look good, taste good and melt in your mouth. (Learn more at Engadget [3])

Food [3]

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4. Latabe the elephant took the world’s very first “elfie,” a.k.a. an elephant selfie. (Learn more at Huffington Post [5])

Elephant selfie [6]

Ross Parry Agency via Mashable

5. Elmers are, by name, America’s oldest men; Gertrudes take the ladies’ crown. (Learn more at fivethirtyeight.com [7])

Elmer Fudd [7]

6. A motorized suitcase travels at 12 mph and covers up to 37 miles. (Learn more at BBC [8])

7. Alaska and New Hampshire are the two tax-friendliest states for retirees. (Learn more at AARP [13])

8. Why do koalas hug trees? To stay cool. (Learn more at Yahoo [14])

Koala hugging tree [14]

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9. Highly cynical people are three times more likely to develop dementia than those who are more trusting. (Learn more at AARP [16])

10. Twitter is full of “grumpy, horrible, moldy, old meaningless crap,” says actress Helen Mirren. (Learn more at AARP [17])

Twitter bird [17]

11. Our Milky Way galaxy is on a collision course with the Andromeda galaxy. (Learn more at NASA [18])

Milky Way-Andromeda galaxies collision [18]

Bonus video: The World Cup is coming, and it has a catchy little song:

YouTube Preview Image [19]

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Let us read 11 Things to you:

Images – Ear: Diemut Strebe, Sugababe 2014 [22] (ongoing project) © Diemut Strebe; Food: photo by Katharina Jaeger courtesy of Biozoon.de [23];  Elephant selfie: Ross Parry Agency linked via Mashable; Early Elmer Fudd: Wikimedia; Koala: Valerie/Flickr [24]; Bluebird: Pixabay; Space illustration: NASA

Music: We Are One, Ole Ola, World Cup Song, RCA Records, Sony Entertainment;  Alex Beroza: Spinning via ccMixter [25]  [25]

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