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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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News, discoveries and … fun


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 1. Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Ill., has the world’s fastest, tallest and steepest wooden roller coaster. (Learn more at ABCNews.com [2])

2. Nearly 60 percent of the Americans who bought health insurance through new online marketplaces were previously uninsured – most of them for at least two years. (Learn more at AARP [3])

A full length studio shot of a diverse group of adults from various occupations [4]


3. More than one in every 10 cars on the road in the United States have been recalled so far this year. (Learn more at Washington Post [5])

lemon [6]

4. A house in England is built entirely from trash – including 20,000 toothbrushes, 4,000 DVD cases, 2,000 floppy discs and two tons of denim offcuts. (Dezeen [7])

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5. Minnesota still provides the best support for older residents and their family caregivers. (Learn more at AARP [10])

Long-Term Services and Supports Map [11]


6. Older Americans are the fastest-growing group of bicycle users. (Learn more at PeopleForBikes.org [12])

Older couple on bikes [13]


7. Scientists have developed a computer program that can identify rare genetic disorders by using ordinary digital photographs to analyze facial features. (Learn more at New Scientist [14])

Abraham Lincoln [15]


8. Faygo, the Detroit-based soda company, is being sued for age discrimination by an unlikely plaintiff: the founder’s grandson. (Learn more at Detroit Free Press [16])

Faygo Beverages, Inc. [17]


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9. You can see a first-run movie at the three-screen Blanchester Showplace Cinemas [19] in Blanchester, Ohio, for just $4. (Yahoo! Movies [20])

movie tickets [21]


10. The average American spends about 45 minutes a day buying things. (Learn more at Vox.com [22])

window shopping [23]


11. The company that makes the giant body scanners used at airports has introduced a X-ray camera that can see through suitcases and car doors. (Learn more at Gizmodo [24]) 

X-ray camera [25]



Bonus video: Donnalou Stevens, a singer-songwriter in the San Francisco Bay area, has been leaning lately to the wild and wacky – as you can easily see in the video below. Here, in her own words, is how it came about: “This whole creative whirlwind started in a living room on the Mendocino coast, just goofing off with my girlfriends at a weekend party. We were all musicians sitting around trading songs. I started singing my ‘Older Ladies’ song, and everyone started chiming in.”

Have a watch:

YouTube Preview Image [26]

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