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What I Wore to VidCon

Posted By Barbara Hannah Grufferman On July 3, 2014 @ 3:42 pm In Be Your Best | No Comments

Late last month I packed my bags and headed to Anaheim, Calif., to attend VidCon, [1] the fifth annual gathering for YouTubers (or “creators,†as they prefer) and their adoring fans. As you can tell from the shot below, however, I’m not sure “adoring†quite covers it.

VidCon [2]Why, many people asked, would I put myself in the path (literally) of thousands (nearly 18,000, to be exact) of mostly teenage girls who frequently screamed as they ran after the newest, hottest, cutest, funniest creators — the bulk of whom, not coincidentally, are teenage boys?

Because roaming amid those fangirls was an abundance of mature advertiser-types, eager to connect with a new audience — precisely what I’m trying to do as the creator of The Best of Everything After 50, my  lifestyle series on AARP’s YouTube Channel.

I knew I’d be vying for attention with YouTube superstars claiming millions of followers. But here’s the thing about being over 50: Precious little can intimidate us.

In fact, after “Takei’s Take [3]†starring George Takei, “The Best of Everything [4]†is the channel’s second-most-watched series. Which makes sense, when you stop to think about it, because a whopping 80 percent of boomers are online. And lots of us — even those with, alas, no cats — love to watch YouTube videos.

And guess what? According to Google, the No. 1 most-searched word by people over 55 is … wait for it … “YouTube.â€

I doubt I’ll ever have fans screaming their heads off as they race toward the spot where Twitter [5] or InstaGram [6] report I’ve just been spotted. But I do think it’s vital for marketers to see creators over 45 well represented at such gatherings.

And so I went.

Ah, but what to wear?

Sensing I might not fit in with the bared navels, purple hair, short-shorts and nose rings in evidence, I chose outfits that I hoped would make me look:

  • Polished, but not too business-y
  • Age- and weather-appropriate (it was warm in sunny Anaheim)
  • Cool, as in “hip†(to approach this ideal, I made my two teenage daughters bless every ensemble before I zipped my suitcase).

I guess I chose wisely, for several VidConners asked about my two favorite outfits: “Whose jacket is that?†“Love the jumpsuit!†I’m grateful to those anonymous admirers; they emboldened me to share the details with you:

Denim Jacket and black jumpsuit [7]

Day 1: “Industry Day†consisted of all-day sessions and keynote speeches by some of the brightest stars in the online video [8] industry, including VidCon founders and brothers Hank and John Green (the latter is the best-selling author of The Fault in Our Stars). To absorb their pro tips on how to create viral video, I wore a comfortable and flattering-on-anyone sleeveless black jersey jumpsuit from Norma Kamali [9], then paired it with a washed-out denim jacket by Rag & Bone [10] and wedge espadrilles by Michael Kors. The jacket is pricey but I got it on sale, and — as you may notice from the next outfit — I wear it All. The. Time.

ChaudryKC summer dress [11]

Day 2: Today was all about creator-fan interactions. It was inspiring to watch teenage girls queue up for hours to snag an autograph from favorites such as entertainer Sam Pepper [12], world traveler Fun for Louis, [13] vlogger (video blogger) Tyler Oakley [14] and makeup guru Michelle Phan [15]. I still had to look polished and appropriate, though, so I went with a favorite fit-and-flare summer knee-length dress by ChaudryKC (above). (Not always easy to find, this line frequently turns up on eBay; [16] a good backup is from Nic+Zoe) [17]. I paired it with my go-to denim jacket and some comfortably stretchy nude-colored wedge sandals — perfect.

So … did I learn anything “actionable†at VidCon? Oh, yeah:

  • a soft, well-worn denim jacket is the “black leather moto jacket†for summer [18];
  • nothing beats a simple black sleeveless jumpsuit (you can layer it for any occasion);
  • half of everyone watching YouTube is over 45;
  • teenage girls are adorable, even when they’re screaming — possibly especially when they’re screaming.


Until next time, remember this: We can’t control getting older…but we can control how we do it!

For more tips on living your best life, look inside The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money and More [19], and subscribe to The Best of Everything After 50 [4] video series on AARP’s YouTube Channel.

Photos: Barbara Hannah Grufferman personal photos; LA Times [20]


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