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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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News, discoveries and … fun

extinct pelagornis bird [1]

1. The extinct pelagornis bird had a wingspan as wide as 24 feet.  (Learn more at International Business Times [1])

2. The Nazi’s “perfect Aryan” poster child was Jewish. (Learn more at The Telegraph [2])

Nazi propaganda [2]

Hessy Taft and the Nazi magazine featuring her baby photograph on the front cover
Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg, Yedioth Ahoronot

3. A computer chip that delivers a contraceptive hormone can be turned off when a woman wants to get pregnant. (Learn more at CNET [3])

chip-drug-delivery-cropped [3]

4. Scientists know where an on-off switch for consciousness is located in the brain. (Learn more at New Scientist [4])

consciousness on-off switch [4]

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5. New apps connect people who have leftover food and those who want it. (Learn more at  Washington Post [6])

Leftover food app [6]

6. : – ) or :)? Whether or not your smiley face emoticons have a nose says a lot about you. (Learn more at The New Republic [7] )

smilies emoticons [7]

7. Your face can predict how long you’ll live. (Learn more at AARP [8])

Predict age by face technology [8]

8. New self-service machines at the Minnesota Twins’ ballpark let fans draw as much beer as they want – at 38 to 40 cents an ounce. (Learn more at ESPN [9])

self-serve beer station [9]

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9. When a chimp stomps both feet, it means “let’s play.” (Learn more at Huffington Post [11])

A chimpanzee with lovely feet [11]

10. A blood test to predict Alzheimer’s disease might be available within two years. (Learn more at AARP [12])

11. Pakistanis spend about 48 percent of their household cash on food; Japanese about 14 percent; and Americans about 7 percent. (Learn more at Vox [13])

How much countries spend on food [13]


Bonus video: Do you wish you’d had a better seat for July 4th? Watch this drone’s-eye-view of a Florida display:

YouTube Preview Image [14]


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Images -  Pelagornis Bird: Liz Bradford/courtesy of Bruce Museum [17]; Drug delivery microchip illustration: courtesy of MicroCHIPS [18]/Lexington, Mass.  (cropped); Brain cross section: Adapted from Gray’s Anatomy/Wikipedia; Piqniq app: courtesy of company website [19]; Emoticons: AARP; Smoking man: David Robert Bliwas [20]/Flickr; Beer machines: Courtesy Delaware North Sportservice/Target Field; Chimp: mycheesegrits [21]/Flickr.

Music – Alex Beroza [22]: Spinning – ccMixter

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